Mega Mall in Korea

The largest shopping mall in Korea is currently under construction and is scheduled to open its doors on October 1st, 2016. It is not clear whether its name will be “Hanam Union Square” or “Starfield First Hanam”. The shopping mall is located next to the park Union Square, and although previous resources called the shopping mall Union Square, it appears that it may be marketed under the name of Starfield, the newest department store brand from Shinsegae.

For those of you who may not know, Shinsegae Group owns several department stores in Korea that carry its name: Shinsegae (which means a New World in Korean). Furthermore, they hold the title of having the largest department store in the world at Centum City in Busan. This department store is bigger that Macy’s in New York. Now, lets not get confused, although Centum City hosts the largest department store in the World, that doesn’t mean it is the largest shopping mall in the World (not even the largest in Asia).

Centum City in Busan

However, the new shopping mall promises to be the largest in Korea and it will be located in Hanam-Si, a small but new metropolitan city located at the east side of Seoul. Currently the subway line number 5 (purple line) is being extended, adding more stations to finally reach the finish at the new shopping mall.

According to an article in the Korea Herald, the shopping mall will have 459,498 m2 of floor space the total investment mount of up to $860 million dollars.

If you decide to visit the mall, I recommend you to visit also the restaurants situated across the river in front of the shopping mall. You can always seat outside, and enjoy a nice bbq while looking at the fine scenery.


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